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In many divorce cases, consulting with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® can provide a better financial outcome for you. While this isn’t the right path for everyone, chances are, you’ll find yourself falling into one of the categories below.

You’re Not Sure Where to Start

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® will take the time to clearly explain what’s needed to get the ball rolling. We understand that this is brand new territory for you, and that the possibilities and checklists can quickly feel overwhelming. First thing’s first – we’ll help you bring your financial situation into focus.

We’ll start by establishing what your assets, debts, and cash flow look like. And don’t worry, we’ll organize and analyze all of this for you so we can make a smart, educated recommendation about how to proceed.

We’ll sit down with you to better understand your goals and your situation. Then together, we’ll create a plan for next steps.

It’s Tough to Find the Time

Most of us are balancing work, household management, our health, and oftentimes, children. Adding another layer of deadlines and intricacies on top of all this can feel heavy. We’ll do the lifting for you by sorting out all the necessary documents, and showing you why we arrived at each recommended course of action.

Too Many Moving Parts or Too Much Complexity

Perhaps the marriage has accumulated many assets over time, and it’s unclear how these should be separated. Pensions, stock options, private business ownership, and multiple homes are just a few examples. These will require valuations, and each is an added puzzle piece, making the overall picture a little more complicated.

At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we also present more opportunity for creative solutions based on the specific needs of your divorce.

You Need Financial Planning Advice After Your Divorce

While your divorce may be wrapping up, you’re now facing a new chapter of your life, and this comes with new expenses and new cash flow. Consulting an expert in post-divorce financial planning can better position you for a stable future. We’ll help you create a checklist, optimize your plans for investments, planning for retirement, evaluating insurance, and share some advice on taking care of yourself first.

You can learn much more about this by reading our dedicated Post-Divorce Planning Series.

When You Don’t Need a Financial Expert for Your Divorce

If you had a short-term marriage and a prenup, the financial proceedings may already be very clear. Or, if your marriage began later in life, you may be spending down your assets, so there are fewer moving parts as a result. In simpler scenarios, your attorney can provide sufficient insight.

Alternative Divorce Solutions is uniquely positioned to help you creatively solve the financial aspects of your divorce. We know divorce is a difficult time, and are ready to focus on your specific situation. Call us at 877-471-4654 to learn more about how a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® can work with you to deliver the best possible outcome for your financial future.

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