Financial Advocate for Litigation

If you and your spouse can’t agree, you will have to go to court.  In this case, you may want a personal financial advocate.  As your advocate we  help you organize your information, provide projections so you understand the long-term implications of any settlement offer and provide your attorney with financial data so they may negotiate or litigate from a position of strength.  We can appear as an expert witness, helping the court understand the complexities of your case.

Mediated Divorce

During mediation, all parties agree to disclose relevant information and to use good faith efforts, working together to obtain an acceptable settlement.  In a mediated divorce, there are two ways we can help.  We can act as your mediator to bring clarity to the family’s finances with a goal of reaching a mutually agreeable settlement that works for the whole family.   Or, if you already have a mediator, we can act as a financial neutral to provide projections on settlement options for you and your spouse.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce allows couples to negotiate all the terms of a divorce themselves without going to court, by using a collaboratively trained team.   Both parties have collaboratively trained attorneys who provide legal guidance, there is a family relations specialist to address family-related issues and a financial neutral to address financial calculations.  As members of the Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals, we can be a part of your collaborative team.

A La Carte Financial Calculations

Sometimes you only need assistance with a specific aspect of your case.  We can provide pension valuations, separate property tracing, lump-sum buyout calculations and other detailed calculations to assist you and your attorney with supporting data for the court.

Post Divorce Financial Planning

After your divorce is finalized, we can help you plan for your new future.  We provide financial planning through our sister company, Feldmeyer Financial Group.  For more information on financial planning, please visit our website www.FeldmeyerFinancialGroup.com.

How Do We Get Started?

Getting started can be hard.  What do you need?  Where do I go? Who can I count on?  Alternative Divorce Solutions starts with a simple consultation.  We sit down with you, talk, and discuss what support you’re looking for.




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