Financial Advocate for Litigation

In a litigated divorce we act as your financial advocate and expert witness, working to provide the most advantageous options for consideration and providing your attorney powerful data to support your case.

Mediated Divorces

During a mediated divorce, we can act as a financial neutral and prepare options that provide for the future of your family.

Collaborative Divorces

During a collaborative divorce we are one of your team members, providing financial calculations for the team to understand what different settlement options would mean for you now and in the future.

A La Carte Calculations

Do you have a specific financial question, need individual evaluations, or want to see the impact of settlement changes?  We can provide specific calculations to support your case such as pension valuations, separate property tracing, or a lump-sum buyout of spousal support.

Post-Divorce Financial Planning

After your divorce or dissolution is finalized, we provide financial planning through our sister company, Feldmeyer Financial Group to help you plan for the next phase of your life.


When so much is at stake and you only have one chance to get it right, it is imperative to make informed choices during your divorce.  We strive to help you make better, more informed decisions such as:

  • How to split up retirement savings
  • Whether to keep your marital home
  • How to value complicated employee benefits

In the end, your decisions now will affect the rest of your life, so let Alternative Divorce Solutions help you feel confident throughout this challenging process.





– Initial Consultation

You will start by sitting down with one of our trained experts to talk through your unique situation. Together we’ll asses a path that might be right for you and spend time working through your financial and family goals.

– Document Gathering and Organization

Once we have aligned on a path, we’ll begin working with you to collect documents that help us to better understand your financial situation today. We will verify assets and liabilities, and coordinate with legal counsel to gather any missing documents (if applicable).

– Data Entry and Analysis

With data gathered and a clear understanding of your goals, we begin to create various settlement options.  We will also provide strategy for why certain settlement options would be more advantageous than others.

– Individual Meetings

We will meet with you to provide education on potential settlement options and answer any questions.  We understand these are emotional times and everyone may have different wants and needs.  Investing the time to listen and understand is our top priority.  Continuing to meet either in-person, virtually or over the phone is important to ensure we know about developments in your case along the way and can help you navigate different situations as they come about.

– Negotiation

We understand these are sensitive times and we use our years of experience to help you, or your legal counsel, negotiate a fair settlement.  We will be with you along the way to support you and provide guidance as you are faced with different decisions to make.

– Preparing the Final Agreement

After your divorce is final, we help ensure all the necessary steps are taken to fulfill your agreements from your settlement and help start you on the right path for your new financial future.


Support You

Inform You

Guide You

Advocate For You

Stand With You

  • What is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®?

    A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®) is someone who comes from a financial planning background and goes through an intensive training program to become skilled at analyzing and providing knowledge on the financial issues of divorce.  Our role is to make sure you and your attorney fully understand how the financial decisions you make today will impact your financial future. You can learn more on our About Us page.

  • When do I need a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®?

    While every situation is different, we have found several commonalities between the cases where we provide the most value. The first is when a couple has a complicated financial situation which may include a pension, multiple properties, complicated employer benefits, business ownership and more. However, your cases does not have to be complicated to need financial help during a divorce. Many clients come to us when they are looking for help understanding the financial aspects of their case. They may have been the spouse who was not involved in the finances during the marriage or feels disadvantaged when it comes to understanding how their assets and debts should be divided. Finally, some clients want a second opinion to ensure nothing is being missed and they don’t agree to something they later regret.

  • How do we get started?

    Call our office and setup an initial consultation.  This conversation will take about an hour and helps us get to know you and where you are in the process.

  • Do I still need an attorney?

    You need a divorce attorney – but you also need a financial advisor who is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® who can help you find answers to your financial questions. Attorneys understand the law; we understand the money.  As a team we can work with you and your attorney to help everyone involved feel more confident about making decisions during this process.

  • I am in the beginning stages of my divorce. Can you help me get my financials organized?

    Yes!  We can help you get everything organized.  To proceed with your divorce or dissolution, you will need to have an account of your assets, debts and current cash flow.  We can help you identify all of the pieces of your financial picture, provide guidance as to how different assets can be divided, and advice as to which assets would be the most advantageous for you to keep in a settlement.

  • My divorce is finalized. Can you help me with the next steps?

    At Alternative Divorce Solutions we provide financial education and advice to help you make decisions during the divorce process.  After your divorce or dissolution is finalized, the next phase is dividing your accounts based on your agreement, then building your financial plan for the next phase of your life.  We provide this advice through our financial planning company, Feldmeyer Financial Group.  Visit to learn more.

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