Divorce can be one of the most stressful life events you will ever experience. You shouldn’t have to make decisions that will affect the rest of your life without the help of a divorce financial professional.  At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we specialize in helping people facing divorce make financial decisions with confidence.

Our clients are accomplished individuals – including professionals and business owners who have worked hard to create significant assets. If you’re like them, you’ll want to secure your financial future by preserving your assets and income during the divorce process.

We understand that divorce is difficult and navigating these troubled waters without knowledgeable advice can be overwhelming. You may be afraid to make a costly mistake, or you may not understand the merits of one settlement proposal over another.

You need a divorce attorney – but you also need a financial advisor who is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® who can help you find answers to your financial questions. Attorneys understand the law; we understand the money.

We integrate the concepts of comprehensive financial planning into the divorce process to analyze your financial picture and help you to make decisions that you feel confident about.  Our experts help you through collecting statements and information about your assets and debts, then we analyze your financial situation to determine what a positive divorce settlement would look like for you.

Our team could work for both you and your spouse as a Financial Neutral to mediate a settlement that is equitable and fair to both parties.  This is the best possible scenario for both of you to walk away feeling like you both understand your new financial pictures and have confidence that your settlement was reasonable.   This allows for more creativity than you would get in a courtroom and helps to keep more money in your pockets!

However, we understand that not all couples are able to mediate their differences.  Therefore, we also offer services as a Financial Advocate to assist one party in understanding financial assets and how they can or cannot be split, analyzing different settlement scenarios and running projections so you understand what accepting a settlement would mean for you long-term.

Your financial future does not have to be a surprise because of your divorce. We can be your trusted partner to help achieve the best possible outcome. Don’t go through this alone!

We help to take some worries off your shoulders and empower you to make confident financial decisions before, during, and after your divorce. If you want a personal financial advocate, or you and your spouse need help with a divorce settlement, contact our office and request a complimentary initial consultation.

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