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Working with an experienced and highly skilled team is the best way to ensure things move quickly and efficiently during a divorce. We are most successful when working with attorneys that understand we not only provide our financial expertise to the client, but to the rest of the team as well. We understand that each case is unique, but our proven framework can deliver improved outcomes and reduced anxiety.

It starts with the basic premise of open communication and sharing of information, with the client’s permission, of course. Here are the steps we take when working with legal counsel.

  1. We are happy to help facilitate the gathering of financial documents and sort out what is relevant and what is old or outdated information, saving time for the legal team and eliminating confusion.
  2. Once the documents have been gathered, we are equipped to assist with what information needs subpoenaed from the opposing side for things like pension calculations, evaluation of benefits like stock options, non-qualified deferred compensation, or information for separate property tracing.
  3. After we have all information about the case, it’s time for settlement discussions. We collaborate with legal counsel to understand their strategy for the case. We prefer to work with our clients and their legal counsel on conference calls. The attorney on the case leads the call and we can all discuss what we feel is the best option in terms of presenting or responding to a settlement offer. That way no one is in the middle trying to relay information back and forth between members of their team. Everyone can feel confident that the team agrees the settlement offer is not only fair legally but is a good deal financially, as well.

We will provide as much information and strategy as possible to legal counsel to support negotiating or litigating from a position of strength, while also giving the client peace of mind that the financial aspects of their settlement are sound. Working as a team can help to highlight everyone’s strengths and provide the client with the most well-rounded advice possible.

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